About Us

At Twisted Chef, we aim high to provide our customers with high-quality custom cakes & treats.

I am Kemala Brown, a Pastry Chef,

who is also the founder and CEO of Twisted Chef LLC. I have been in business for three years, I started Twisted Chef to reach many families with great-tasting cakes and treats, that are quality at a reasonable price.

My favorite baked good is my almond cake with buttercream, it’s called wedding cake flavor.

I love placing smiles on my client’s faces.

Kemala Brown

Twisted Chef is a business that represents family, family taking care of family.

I aim high to not only give quality goods but to be kind, caring and offer the highest quality of client services. I started TC in 2018, I went from only selling pecan candy, cookies, and a host of treats to becoming one of the best “cake ladies” as my clients would say in Houston..

In 2019, I started creating cakes and extended the business to reach more families.

I am able to reach families with my cakes for birthdays, weddings, gender reveals and etc. What motivated me to grow TC as a whole was the joy I was bringing to families, they were excited to receive great tasting cakes that were within their reach with cost and quality.